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Public Health Programs to Improve Preconception Health

As preconception health continues to gain recognition as a women’s health issue that requires focus and attention, new public health programs are being created to fill that need. This website is used as a repository for professionals who seek information about specific programs directed at improving preconception health among women in North Carolina.

The programs highlighted here are publicly funded programs in N.C. We’ve also included additional regional and national resources.

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Leading statewide and regional preconception health initiatives

Preconception health is a national priority that can change women’s lives and improve infant health. Investing our resources and energy in preconception health is vital to North Carolina’s future. Better preconception health improves the overall health of women and babies, decreases health disparities, improves our health care system, and decreases costs to families and society.

North Carolina has long been viewed as a leader in preconception health and continues to drive innovation nationwide. In fact, we are proud that preconception health had its first major publication when Dr. Robert Cefalo and Merry-K Moos wrote the first book on this topic at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Achieving our vision of healthy women will require efforts that span professions, geography, spheres of influence, policies and individuals. Preconception health messages and health care strategies must be structured to reach a diverse audience of women at multiple points in time throughout their lives. Policies must support women’s healthy choices and their goals.

Today, North Carolina continues to enhance its efforts to improve the health of the state’s women and infants. Preconception health is a big umbrella that covers a lot of women and health topics; the work proceeds from many different angles. While some efforts focus on individual women and behaviors, others provide support for healthy choices. Still others educate and support our grandparents, health care providers, and new fathers. Additional efforts focus on insurance coverage, workplace support, and the expansion of pregnancy services beyond the birth of a baby.

To learn more about North Carolina’s work in preconception health over the years, click here. This will take you to the Looking Back, Moving Forward document. Just have a few minutes? Read an executive summary of our work by clicking here.

Here you will find information about current programs in North Carolina.